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yamdere ([personal profile] yamdere) wrote2013-04-25 09:37 pm
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i want to touch you
palm to palm
cheek to cheek
fingers entwined
let's fall asleep

can i trace the outline
of your perfect jawline?
can i take off your glasses
and place them beside us
while i kiss you between the eyes?

i'll run my fingers through your hair
with your arms wrapped around me
with coexist
in the background

let me sing you love songs
and you can play guitar
and maybe sing along
with your voice like birdsong

i think i have the back of your head
ingrained in my mind
it's all i really get to see

look at me

look at me

smile at me

smile at me
talk to me
talk to me
talk to me
talk to me

i want more
than a passing glance in the halls
than a fleeting thought in your mind
i want to take up space in your heart
like you take up space in mine

give me smiles
give me laughs
give me hugs
give me hands
give me lips
give me eyes
give me you

for being so greedy
i can't help my feelings
but i can hide them
so well
you'll never know
i think of you

thirty seconds of every minute
thirty minutes of every hour
twelve hours of every day
fourteen days of every month
six months of every year

(i need to study, too)