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yamdere ([personal profile] yamdere) wrote2013-04-25 09:30 pm
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curl around my body like the tendrils of smoke
rising up from the incense in my room
caress me, kiss me, in my bed
under the pale glow of the moon

let me paint the profile of your face
using only my fingertips
let me trace the path from your
navel to your perfect lips

i'll sculpt you out of clay
once i have you memorized
it won't take very long because
you have me mesmerized

can i sing my feelings to you
or is it too embarrassing?
would you rather i recite them
or shall i do it while we're kissing?

i don't think i'm good with words
but i'll write an essay if you need it
i could tell you exactly what i feel
but i'd rather that you see it

we both have artistic streaks
(but you're a thousand times better than I am)
i draw you, sing you, write you, play you
you float through my mind all day, and, damn

i guess i really like you